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Yoga in the office is an excellent way to bring a healthy balance into your  working day. Much loved by the employees, yoga at a workplace is usually offered in the lunch break or before or after  regular working hours. Simple yoga stretches and movement is a perfect antidote to long hours spent sitting at the desk It can help to release tension and aches, tone muscles, improve blood flow and increase concentration. Yoga helps employees to become more aware of their physical and mental state, and change the way they respond to stress and anxiety. I have been teaching yoga in  leading companies in East Sussex with  wonderful positive effects on the physical and mental well-being of the participants. 

I also offer  mindfulness based meditations for businesses and corporations. 

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"Itka's yoga classes became very quickly the highlight of my working week. She made the classes accessible for everyone. It helped with my back pain and we all always felt so good after!"

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