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Sport massage caters to athletic patients of all types, professional or amateurs and people who exercise regularly and have an active lifestyle. Sport massage therapy is more focused deep tissue massage and focuses on a certain area of the body e.g. shoulders, neck or hips and legs - rather than overall relaxation.


It can help with an acute or chronic pain and tension felt in the body, poor posture, recovering after injury or repetitive strain injury. The therapist uses a clinical approach to target specific muscles and connective tissue - soft tissue release, connective tissue release, trigger point therapy and  therapeutic stretches.


 Sport massage can help with: 

  • neck muscles injury/trapped nerve

  • rotator caff / shoulder injury and dysfunction

  • lower back pain

  • piriformis muscle/sciatica pain

  • tight hamstrings and calves

  • spinal misalignment and disc problems

  • repetitive strain injury

" I am a long distance runner and  suffer with lots of pain and tension  in my muscles after my trainings. I came to Itka as she was recommended by my friend who plays volleyball actively.  He told me that Itka helped him with his repetitive pain in his shoulder.  Right after the first session when Itka worked on my hips and legs - that's where my main problems are - I felt so much release and relief. She was pressing at the right spots. I come to her on regular basis now and makes a massive difference to my body and my trainings. "

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