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This type of seated acupressure massage is suitable for office workers, company workers, hen parties, weddings, festivals and other occasions and gatherings. It enables treatment of more clients in a shorter period of time. This massage is performed in a specially designed massage chair. No oil is used and the clients are fully clothed and therefore it is fast and efficient with a minimum time breaks between clients. It is offered as 15, 20 or 30 minute slots.  The special technique used for this type of massage aims to release tension from the back, shoulders, arms, neck and head applying sufficient pressure on the points where we hold most of our tension. The therapist uses hands, forearms and elbows. This treatment is very relaxing, invigorating and can release lots of tension and pain even in such a short period of time as 15 mins. This type of  massage is very popular at  well-being days or as regular weekly treatments for employees. I'm highly experienced at providing on-site chair massage for companies in East Sussex as well as music festivals and private parties.


"Having Itka coming to our office once a week is something to look forward to. The massage helps so much for my shoulders and hands as I get so much tension from all the computer work. It really makes a massive difference and I am so grateful for her amazing skills! "

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